We offer some simple-to-use APIs you can use to do specific actions such as showing some cool stats about the Apple Store.
We offer the APIs for free, so you can use them without writing many lines of code; We did that for you! :-)

Right now you can do the following actions with our APIs:

Some information

All our APIs will return JSON-encoded data. There are ways in every programming language to decode JSON-Strings. In Objective C you have to use the NSJSON object, in PHP the json_decode() function. In JavaScript the JSON.parse method will do the trick.

How to get the current Apple Store Status

Just get and parse the contents from http://istheapplestoredown.com/api/status/json. Status will return "n" if the US Store is not down, "y" if it is down.

How to get the cool stats about the Apple Store

Just get and parse the contents from http://istheapplestoredown.com/api/stats. If you don't like the texts we've written you can use http://istheapplestoredown.com/api/stats/custom and write your own texts.

How to get all iOS (+ iPhone OS) Firmwares

Just get and parse the contents from http://istheapplestoredown.com/api/iosFirmware. It will return a list of every device including a download link of every iOS version for it.

How to get all Apple Software Updates

Just get and parse the contents from http://istheapplestoredown.com/api/softwareUpdates. It will return a list of every software update Apple has released since 2008.

How to get recently added products

Just get and parse the contents from http://istheapplestoredown.com/api/products. It will return an empty JSON-encoded string if there was no new hardware release when the Apple Store came back online the last time. Otherwise it will return a list of all new products with an URL to it and an image of it.
To visit the new product at the Apple Store just add http://store.apple.com/ before the link which is returned in the JSON string. To get the product image you have to add http://istheapplestoredown.com/ before the image URL.
If the returned JSON string looks like this:
[{"name":"iPod touch","image":"\/images\/products\/ipodtouch.png","link":"\/us\/browse\/home\/shop_ipod \/family\/ipod_touch"}], the new added product's name is "iPod touch", a link to the product page would be http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipod/family/ipod_touch and the product image URL would be http://istheapplestoredown.com/images/products/ipodtouch.png.

How to get the product cycle

Just get and parse the contents from http://istheapplestoredown.com/api/storewatch. It will return a list of every product for which we have calculated an average update cycle.

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